PLC/HMI Programming Services


I have provided programming services for a variety of industries, using a variety of brands of controller and operator interfaces.

My recent experience includes Horner PLC's with the integrated HMI, and Allen Bradley PLC's and HMI's to control industrial processes and material handling applications.  I also have experience with Automation Direct, Schneider, and Omron.

Most applications require the integration of motion control components that range from simple VFD to complex, multi-axis servo systems. I have experience with many manufacturer's products.

As the intelligence that is built into sensing components increases, the information available to the enterprise has vastly increased.  I can help decide which data is important, and incorporate data retrieval into the program.

I also provide start-up service to help in tuning parameters, checking field wiring, and verifying communication protocols. 

My programming philosophy revolves around the concept that a finished program includes sufficient documentation to allow future maintenance and troubleshooting to be easily accomplished.